15 Places in India for Honeymoon

India has long since been the go-to country for new experiences as well as popular honeymoon destination. As several western countries are legalizing gay marriages, it is not entirely unusual to see gay couples coming out of the closet and choosing India as their honeymoon destination.

Gay Honeymoon in India

1- Manali

Budget Holidays in Manali, Indian Gay Tours

Manali Means " Home of Manu" Manali is situated at the northern End of the Kullu Valley. Manali was discovered by travellers first during the 1960's. Manali was a peaceful mountain Shangri-la with old stone houses and tranquil alpine scenery

Altitude: - 2050m
Population: 8096
Places to visit: - Hadimba Temple , Dhungri , Vashisht , Solang Valley , Rohtang –Pass

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2- Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan Tour Packages
Rajasthan is one of India's Prime tourist destinations nobody leaves here without priceless memories. Rajasthan the land of Kings, is India at its exotic and magical best awash with searing, riotous colour, built on myths and the Rajput tenet of death before dishonor. It has an incredible array of mighty forts, elaborate palaces and fanciful cities.

Area: 38864 sq km
Population: 56.5 Million
Places or cities to Visit in and around Rajasthan: Jaipur( Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal,City Palace, Jantar Mantar), Jodhpur, Jaisalamer , Udiapur, Pushkar

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3- Kerala

Kerala Pink Tour, Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala the narrow, fertile strip on the south west coast of India shows gentle and relaxed side of India. Kerala offers beautiful beaches, trips through peaceful lagoons, the Backwaters, and canals, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and complex cultural customs. Traders have been sailing to Kerala seeking spices and ivory for at least 3000 years. The coast was known to the Phoenicians. Romans, Arabs and Chinese. Kerala was also a trans-shipment point for spices form the Moluccas (eastern Indonesia), and it was through Kerala that chinese products and ideas found their way to the West.

Area: 342239 sq km
Population: 31.8 Million
Places to visit in Kerala: - Trivendurm , Kovalam, Varakala , Kumarakom(wildlife sanctuary ), Kollam, Alleppey , Periyar (wildlife sanctuary), Munnar

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4- Agra

Taj Mahal Tour, Holidays in India
This sprawling Industrial Town, 204km from Delhi, is synonymous with the Taj Mahal, India's most famous building which sits on the bank of the Yamuna River in the east of the town. Agra is believed to have been founded on the site of an ancient Hindu Kingdom, but the city was destroyed by the Afghan kind Mahmud of Ghazni in about AD 1022.

Area: 188.4 Sq km
Population: 13 21,410
Places to visit in Agra: Taj Mahal (7th Wonder of World), Agra fort, Itimad- Ud -Daulah, & Fatehpur Sikri

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5- Goa

Best Goa Tour, Honeymoon in Goa, Holidays in Goa
Goa in the 3rd Century BC Goa formed part of the Mauryan empire. Later it was ruled by the Satavahanas of Kolhapur and eventually passed to the Chalukyans of Badami Control from AD 580 to 750. Goa fell to the Muslims for the first time in 1312, but the invaders were forced out in 1370 by Harihara I of the Vijyanagar Empire whose capital was at Hampi. Goa was the ideal base for the seafaring Portugese, who arrived in 1510 aiming to control the spice route from the east Jesuit missionaries led by St Francis Xavier arrived in 1542.

Area: 3701 Sq km
Population: 1.34 Million
Places to visit in Goa: Panaji , Old Goa , Calanguate , Baga

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6- Nainital

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This attractive hill station once the summer capital of Uttar Pradesh, is the largest town in Kumaon. Like most hill stations, Nainital was founded by homesick Brits reminded of the cumbrian lake District. Things really took off when a sugar trader Mr Barron had his yacht carried up here in 1840. Nainital is certainly one of the more pleasant hill stations to visit and there are many interesting walks through the forests to points with superb views of the Himalaya.

Elevation: 1938 m
Population: 39840 Million
Places to visit in Nainital: Naini lake, Mukteshwar Temple, Goddess Naina Devi, Hanuman Garhi

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7- Corbett

Wildlife Tour in India, Corbett National Park Tour Price
Corbett Tiger reserve was established in 1936 as India's first national park by the legendary tiger hunter, Jim Corbett, who put kumaon on the map with his book The Man-Eaters of Kumaon. The British Hunter was greatly revered by the local people for shooting tigers who had developed a taste for human flesh, but he eventually shot more wildlife with his camera then with his gun.

Established: 1936   | Area: 520 Sq km to 1318 Sq km)

Visitors: 500000 | Open (Mid-June –Mid- November)

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8- Kovalam

South India Beaches Tour, Kovalam
Thirty years ago Kovalam wa a hippy Cliché a tropical beach with a finshing Village offering seafood, fruit and toddy( coconut spirits). If you visited back then you will be disappointed by kovalam today where the beaches have seen somewhat chaotic beachfront development relatively high prices and desperate souvenir sellers coping with a declining market. Kovalam consists of two coves (Lighthouse beach and Hawah Beach) seprated from less populated beaches north and south by rocky headlands.
Area: 16 km  | Population: 8124

Places to visit in Kovalam: Kovalam Beach , Hawa Beach, Light House Beach , Samudra Beach

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9- Srinagar

Kashmir Tour, Heaven on Earth, Kashmir Tour Packages
Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir, stands on Dal lake and the picturesque Jhelum River. It is a city with a distinctly central Asian Flavour, when you head south from Srinagar it is often referred to as returning to India.

Area: 188.4 Sq km  | Population: 971357

Places to visit in Srinagar: Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake, Shalimar Bagh, Shankracharya Hill, Hazratbal Mosque , Jama mosque, Shah-e -Hamdan, Pather Masjid , Dastgir mosque , Sonmarg

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10- Bandhavgarh

National Parks Tour in India, Bandhavgarh National Park Tour
This Park is 197 km northeast of Jabalpur in the Vindhyan mountain range. It's much smaller than Kanha, but claims to have the highest-density tiger population in the world, with between 50 and 56 tigers. There are also 22 leopards. The park area 448 sq km of which 105 sq km is the 'Core area'. Bandavgarh setting is impressive.

Established: 1968 | Visitors: 108000
Area: 448 Sq km

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11- Ranthambore

Wildlife Tour in India, Ranthambore National Park
Near the town of Sawai Madhopur, This park is tuning, huge and beautiful. Covering 1334 sq km , its wild Jungle scrub is hemmed in by steep crags it has crumbling temples and mosques, the 10th century Ranthambore fort blue –green, crocodile filled lakes, Chhatris and hides. A former hunting preserve of the maharajas, it remained a hunting ground till 1970 a curious 15 year after it had become a sanctuary. It is one of prime examples of project Tiger's conservation efforts in Rajasthan.

Established: 1955 | Area: 1334 Sq km
Best time to Visit: 1 st October to 30 June

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12- Odisha

Best of Odisha Tour
Odisha lies along the northeast coast of India, on the Bay of Bengal. Its main attractions are the exquisite temples of the capital, Bhubaneswar, sacred Puri, with its long sandy beach and huge Sun temple at Konark. Also increasingly popular these days are the Adivasi (Trible) area of the southwest (25% of Orrisa population is indigenous) and the national parks to the north.

Area: 1,55707 Sq km | Population: 36.7 million
Best time to visit : November to March
Places to visit in Orrisa : Bhuvneshwar ( Bindu sagar, lingaraj mandir, Parsurameswar mandir , Mukteshwar, Siddeswar Mandir, Bhrameshwar mandir) , Dhauli , Puri , Jagannath Mandir, Gundicha Mandir, konark , Chilka Lake, Taptapani

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13- Wankaner (Gujarat)

Wankaner Tour, Indian Holidays, Gay Holidays in India
Wankaner the flamboyant Ranjit Vilas Palace at Wankaner 39 kms northeast of Rajkot, is till home to the family who once ruled the old state of the same name Built between 1889 and 1914, the symmetrical building can be seen from far across the flat Saurashtran plains. Up close, its fancy arched façade shows a frenzy of Moghul, Itlianate, Morrish and Victorian Gothic styles with stained glass windows, domed towers, Chanderlier-lit hallways and scores of hunting trophies looming from the walls.

Elevation: - 81 m
Population: 43,881

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14- Daman & Diu (Gujarat)

Daman & Diu Tour, Best Holidays in India, Places to Visit in India
With a tropical and lingering Portuguese flavor, the 56 sq km enclave of Daman is a laid back, if scrubby town. There are a couple of fine forts and churches. Daman was taken in 1961 from the Portuguese who had seized Daman in 1531. The Portuguese had been officially ceded the region by Bahadur Shah, The last major Gujarati sultan, in 1559. For a time Daman and Diu were governed from Goa but both now constitute the union territory of Daman and Diu, Governed from Delhi.
Area: 56 Sq Km | Population: 35,743
Places to Visit: - Nani Daman, Moti Daman, Fort Diu, Naida Caves ,Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

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15- Bhuj (Gujarat)

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Bhuj has always been a fascinating place to visit and remains so despite the ravages of the massive 2001 earthquake. When it hit on 26 Jan 2001, as many as 10% of the city population were killed. Many buildings were destroyed, and much of Bhuj's rich cultural heritage was lost. Its reconstruction is ongoing.
Area -56 Sq Km | Population: 148,834
Places to Visit: - Prag Mahal , Aina Mahal , Durbar Gadh Swaminarayan Temple ,Folk Museum , Kachchh Museum

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16- Mount Abu

Mount Abu Tour Packages, Hill Stations in India, Best Packages for Hill Stations
Mount Abu Rajasthan's Only hill station, feels like an oasis on a lake, high above the baking plains of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Several maharajas built hot season retreats here, now converted to elegant hotels nearby are the Jain Dilwara temples, with marble carving so intense and refined that it looks as if it has grown rather than been constructed.

Altitude: 1200 m | Population: 22045
Places to Visit: - Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temples,Bharma kumara Museum, Guru Shikhar, Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

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